Replacement Pump & Motor Kits

Replacement Pump & Motors

RainLampGuy offers two different replacement pumps & motors! Each of these replacement kits has saved thousands of Vintage Oil Rain Lamps!

The Original

Replacement Pump

RainLampGuy is the ONLY company that still produces the original motor & pump that was used in the original rain lamps made by Creators Inc & Johnsons Industries! Perfect for most all rain lamps and perfect for anyone who wants to keep the rain lamp all original!

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Replacement Pump

This replacement pump & motor is a modernized version of the original pump & motor that was installed in the original rain lamps! While the appearance of this replacement pump looks different, it works perfectly! This replacement pump is perfect as a cost-effective option that offers the same functionality at a lower price!

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Answers to common questions!

Why do you offer two pump options?

We offer two pump replacement options to give all Rain Lamp owners an option! Some people prefer to keep the rain lamp as original as possible. Some do not mind a pump that looks different (since you can't see it anyway) but still functions and performs perfectly.

We love the history of rain lamps and decided to perfect our pump replacements by adding the option of the original pumps! We manufacture these in Nashville, TN, and are the ONLY company to still offer the original pump replacement for vintage oil rain lamps!

How do I know which pump I need?

It is up to you! Both pumps work perfectly and perform like the original pump that was in your rain lamp.

Why is the price different?

The original pump replacement is more expensive to produce. We put each one of the original replacement pumps together by hand, and create the pump housing ourselves. Since these parts are no longer produced at scale, our price to produce one original pump is higher.