We Want Your Oil Rain Lamp!

We are always on the lookout for oil rain lamps! Do you have one that you don't want? Let us take it off your hands with a cash offer and no hassle! You won't have to deal with taking 'perfect' photos, listing, and responding to "Is this still available". 😉

  • 1) 📧 Submit Your Quote Request

    A quick and painless form where we ask you a few questions about your oil rain lamp, and upload a photo or two. (We don't care that the laundry is in the background, ours is too).

  • 2) 💵 Accept/Decline Our Offer

    We will review your information and may request additional info and/or photos via email! We respond to every request within 1 hour, during normal business hours. We will email you an offer, that you can choose to accept or decline.

  • 3) 📫 Ship Your Rain Lamp

    Yay! You sold it! 🎉 Now get to packing! We will ask you for the dimensions and weight of the box, after you have the rain lamp all snuggly in the shipping box. We will then send you a pre-paid shipping label where you can simply print and stick it on the box!

  • 4) 💰 Get Paid! 🤑

    Once we receive the rain lamp, we will send your money via PayPal! From receipt of the rain lamp by our warehouse, to your PayPal account all within 24 hours.