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30" Grist Mill Water Wheel Table Top Oil Rain Lamp - RESTORED - Creators - VIDEO

30" Grist Mill Water Wheel Table Top Oil Rain Lamp - RESTORED - Creators - VIDEO

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Another Full Restoration From The RainLampGuy!

This beautiful lamp was originally made by Creators Inc! This Vintage Oil Rain Lamp has been 100% restored with new foliage, fully restrung with new filament, new pump gears, and has been fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned!

Featuring the very popular Grist Mill as the centerpiece, this rain lamp offers more functionality with the Grist Mill having a moving 'waterwheel' with oil pouring from the top of the wheel! Another feature this lamp offers is the iconic Creators Inc filament that is wrapped around the rain lamp in a unique way that makes the rain drops go in different directions! The interior filament is strung at an angle while the exterior filament is strung up & down. This is what helps the rain lamp be able to create the double raindrop appearance!

This beautiful rain lamp is ready for its new home! You will receive this lamp drained and fully cleaned. You will need to arrange the foliage to your liking and then fill the rain lamp with new rain oil! We recommend our Rain Oil Refill Kits to ensure you are using the right oil with the correct viscosity! This lamp is rated for 2 Quarts (64 ounces) of 35 graded oil, which is what we offer!

Lamp Dimensions:

  • Height: 30 inches
  • Diameter: approx 11 inches

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