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Oil Rain Lamp Restoration Kit - Replacement Pump & Motor + 32oz Rain Oil Refill Kit

Oil Rain Lamp Restoration Kit - Replacement Pump & Motor + 32oz Rain Oil Refill Kit

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We are located in Nashville, TN. All install support is provided by us! 

Replacement Kit Details:
This replacement kit is a quick start to a vintage oil rain lamp restoration project! We include easy-to-follow instructions that are thoughtfully written to ensure a smooth install (read our reviews, we've made it super easy!). Along with the written instruction, we offer unlimited install support via email or eBay messaging! We are available any day of the week and always have your messages as our top priority!

Included With The Replacement Kit:
  • (1) RainLampGuy Original Replacement Pump & Motor
  • (2) RainLampGuy Drakeol 35 Equivalent Oil Refills (16 oz/bottle)
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Unlimited install support!
Pump & Motor Replacement Details:
Replacement pump & motor for vintage oil rain lamps! TheRainLampGuy will get your lamp back to raining! This is a modernized version to ensure that your rain lamp is running for quite some time. These replacement pumps are designed to be fully submerged in oil and have been revamped with new gaskets and motor gears to ensure it lasts longer!

RainLampGuy Replacement Pump Features:
  • Whisper Quiet Technology makes the pump/motor extremely quiet!
  • Oil-resistant seals.
  • Newly modernized pump/motor made to be submerged in rain lamp oil!
  • Easy install with ready-to-connect wires! No soldering!
  • Everything needed to wire this new pump with the lamp's existing wiring is included!
  • Adjustable flow to fine-tune your rain lamp to ensure proper flow of various-sized lamps!
  • 1-year limited warranty on the pump itself!

About Us:
RainLampGuy is a small business located in Nashville, TN that specializes in restoring vintage Oil Rain (Motion) Lamps! We restore lamps and bring them back to their former glory and have a passion for helping others bring their cherished oil rain lamp back into working order!

We stock and sell replacement oil rain lamp parts. This includes Drakeol 35 equivalent oil refills, replacement pump & motors, replacement middle-piece figurines, replacement foliage, and more! If you need anything specific, reach out! We can help however we can and we LOVE to see your rain lamps - so, send us pictures! 

We sell our restored rain lamps, but, they sell out very quickly. So make sure to follow our store to get alerted when we post a new restoration!

Message us if you have any questions! We are happy to help!


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